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Monday, July 1, 2019

Impavida - Antipode

The goddamn masters are back baby. Impavida stunned the scene back in 2008 with their monumental release, Eerie Sceneries. Now, after eleven years in a dank crypt the band has returned. The groups classic lineup has been revamped with a new vocalist, and now they sound viler than ever. There is something almost megalithic about this record, from the brooding opening of Demons' Eerie Flutes Accompany The Decay Of Corpses Defiled to the weird dissonance of album closer Towards The Pyre.

This is a record that runs the gamut of black metal. From more traditional leaning moments to elements that sit firmly in the avant garde. In other words it very much plays into the depressive black metal tropes that Impavida so boldly laid out with their debut. In many ways this is a challenging listen. It is not a record that just any fan of black metal can appreciate. In fact pretty quickly the band drives you into madness and depravity. It's a record that in many ways has its essence captured by the album cover. There are moments of gut wrenching madness and portals to strange earths. All of it though is couched in a swirling chaos.

Antipode is a masterful rejuvenation of the band. This isn't just thanks to the new vocalist, but just through the sheer energy of the playing. The vicious assault outlined here is delectable. While at times it might have you grasping at your sanity, Antipode is consistently a masterclass in modern black metal. The intensity here is nothing to sneeze at and with every passing offering, Impavida get a little bit wilder. This is a potent listen, so take a deep breat and join me in the darkest of black metal crypts.

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