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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Cazador - Failure to Thrive

Cazador have genuinely impressed me with their growth over their last few records. They went very quickly from being 'just another sludge metal band' to a group who fuse sludge with hardcore and doom. The bands approach seems to almost blend Neurosis and Converge. From that basic backdrop Cazador flavors their latest offering Failure To Thrive with a rich variety of influences. What they leave us with is an emotionally powerful and frequently sonically devastating offering that is going to keep you enthralled.

There are a few serious standouts on this record. I feel like the track 'Skeleton Crew' for instance is really one that shows that Cazador are in a league o their own. Otherwise, the album closer, 'Sassafras' has a sort of very honest humanity to it that makes for compelling listening. Everything hammered in between continually proves that this band is capable of delivering top notch sludge metal. There are even moments on the biggest choruses that feel poppy and this serves to only grow what Failure To Thrive has been all about since the first. It's hard not to be charmed by the stripped back potency of the record.

An album that is equally suited for massive concert halls as it is cramped DIY spaces, Cazador have brought it to a new level here. Failure To Thrive is a bombastic listen that never seems to be trying too hard. Instead it continually presses forth, inspiring the band to do ever greater things. There is something mesmerizing about what's being done on this album. You can listen to it multiple times and still enjoy the sonic journey it represents. Failure To Thrive is an absolute monster, a very honest monster that overcomes DIY limitations to speak truth.

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