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Saturday, August 10, 2019

Behind The Horror - .​.​. And The Horror Begins

Behind The Horror are among my favorite Brazilian DIY thrashers. Their debut EP, ...And the Horror Begins represents a coming out to the scene with all sorts of flash solos and over the top riffs. As much as I think this band know what it takes to deliver, it feels like this is only the beginning of what they can be bringing to the table. As is though, this EP is a nice little taste of what the band is capable of with moments that really break free of traditional South American thrash formulas and show ...And The Horror Begins is more than just Sarcofago or Sepultura worship.

The big thing that limits this record is production. The drums sound a little bit too raw and the guitar tone isn't quite where it needs to be. The other thing that hurts the band is the songs being overlong. All that being said, on shorter tracks, like the EP's closer, Metal, Caos E Destruicao the group really blow your face off with raw energy. The driving power behind these songs becomes clear. Even on some of the mid length offerings the energetic riffs come together for something compelling. Going forward though I see a big challenge this band will have to overcome is the temptation of putting out riff salad.

All this being said, ...And the Horror Begins is a fun little EP that hints at a lot more to come from these Brazilian madmen. The performances are tight through and through, frequently rewarding repeated listens. These guys can clearly play their faces off and I'm curious to see how that continues to manifest itself as they progress. This is a potent opening salvo from a group trying to take on the world. The ability is clear there, but if they can build on the promise of tight riffs and well executed song structures then they could dominate. 

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