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Sunday, August 11, 2019

FireWalkWithMe - The Eternal Black Rainbow

Now this is an interesting one. A record that hints at everything from post-metal to pop-punk, The Eternal Black Rainbow is a fitting opening salvo from the group. With a focus on quality production and epic  song structures it is clear very early on that FireWalkWithMe are in a league of their own. They master a variety of sounds, but they make sure that they all remain articulately executed and make sense within the larger context of what this band is all about. It's compelling listening from a blossoming Austin act.

One of the most striking contrasts in styles on the record comes early on, between the second track, the bombastic A Tired God Looks On and then the third, the pop-punk driven Before I Disappear. Yet by sharing a similar shining guitar tone and potent vocal delivery it's clear that this is more than just a hodgepodge of songs. That being said - The Eternal Black Rainbow would benefit with a little more internal consistency. While I definitely think what they are doing is cool here, FireWalkWithMe need to be able to communicate a little more clearly as to what they are all about and what they are driving towards.

This all being said, The Eternal Black Rainbow is a fun listen and when the band is on point with their rock influenced brand of modern metal madness they are really funny. The sunny major chord progressions and punchy vocal delivery makes it clear that this is a band on the rise. Listening to them continue to evolve this sound an start to point towards greater an bolder things is going to be very interesting. As is I think that The Eternal Black Rainbow is an interesting debut and one that could point to a lot of growth to come.

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