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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Imperial Cult - Spasm Of Light

This is one of the more interesting black metal records that I have heard this year. Largely improvised, Spasm Of Light is the wonderfully dark conjuration of Imperial Cult. This single 34 minute long song sees the band leaping from peak to peak, outlining triumphant and punishing grooves. There is a sort of strange transcendence to Spasm Of Light that sees it continually impressing. The intensity that it radiates speaks to the neverending power of black metal and makes for addictive listening

What compels me about Imperial Cults brand of minimalist black metal is the aura's they conjure up. This is a group of musicians who are completely locked in with each other. There is an organic sensibility to the entire approach of Spasm Of Light that makes it not just compelling listening but almost transcendent. The Dutchmen in Imperial Cult seem to enjoy the continual torment their music unleashes. This is a record that can turn on a dime, and though the core concepts of power chord driven hyper speed black metal remain consistent throughout, it's stunning to see the emotions they capture.

At the end of the day, bands who do single song albums often wind up being boring or repetitive. When Imperial Cult do it though things seem to reach a new level. There is a simple transcendence to their approach that comes from the largely improvised nature of their music. Spasm Of Light is a tastefully executed slice of Dutch black metal that suggests this band can go much further. Despite the limitations they gave themselves, Imperial Cult continually impress and grow within these sonic barriers.

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