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Monday, August 26, 2019

Screamer - Highway Of Heroes

Y'know - nothing quite gets the motor going like some good old fashioned Iron Maiden worship. This isn't just a helluva fun listen, it's one of the best put together true metal records that I have heard in a good long while. Everything from the 1980's style cover art to the immaculately pieced together guitar tone speaks to what this band is and what they hope to evolve into. Screamer scream to the fore of the heavy metal underground with an overarching sense of fun that sets them far ahead of a crowded Swedish pack.

Four albums into their career it's clear that Screamer have started to really hone their craft into something special. Sure this market maybe very saturated but it's rare to find a group with the tenacity and sheer capability of execution that Screamer seem to bring to the table with such aplomb. Highway Of Heroes is a fun album that seems to transcend common limitations by just embracing an over the top sound. So yes, Highway Of Heroes is a little bit silly, but so is all metal that tries to be trve. That's a huge part of what makes it so compelling. This is a record you're going to sing along too as you blast down the highway, and the band knows it.

Overall, this is one of the most tastefully executed Swedish speed metal records in recent memory. The production is on point and the guitar work is frequently thrilling. There are all sorts of tasty little frills that serve to make the band that much better. So yes, there are a ton of Swedish speed metal bands, but when it comes down to it, Screamer have the chops, production and songwriting to put them a head and shoulders above the rest making this a meaningful and very fun little listen for any fan of bands like Iron Maiden or even Hammerfall.

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