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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

ColdClaw - Anti-Martyr: Decades To Suffer

This is a nifty one. With blasting drum and some excellent riffing, ColdClaw quickly establish themselves on Anti-Martyr: Decades To Suffer, as a truly, and deeply talented band. Not only that but they are a band who are worth really sinking your teeth into. They are a band who have clearly put together songs and an overall execution that is admirable to say the least. In a world where most death metal bands seem to churn out the same old riffs,there is something strangely addictive about what ColdClaw have unleashed here.

As the bands monochromatic album art might suggest, ColdClaw aren't exactly reinventing the steel here. That isn't the point of this album though. Instead what they are trying to do is remind us why we fell in love with it in the first place. There might not be bold innovations playing out across your ears when you play Anti-Martyr: Decades To Suffer, but if you like extreme metal and want more extreme metal then I think you will be fairly pleased with what you hear. The thing that gets me about this record, what makes it so thoroughly convincing, is its raw intensity. With every step Anti-Martyr: Decades To Suffer remains a deeply fascinating listen in large part because of its dedication to slaughter.

Ritual Sounds Records has been putting out some pretty nifty bands lately and ColdClaw are one of my favorites to date. Though they ma refer to themselves as blackened crust I think it's obvious to the listener that they encompass much more than that. All this makes for an interesting listen from a band who seem eager to subvert expectations and build on some of the most engaging moments in the last few years of extreme music. Anti-Martyr: Decades To Suffer is a fun little listen and one that I certainly will be digging back into.

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