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Monday, September 23, 2019

CRS - The Collector Of Truths

CRS are a Mexican groove metal band who are coming back after twenty years of silence to release their first full length. Having worked on this record since 2014, The Collector Of Truths represents years of hard work and toil. It's a record that seeks to push the band to the next level and get them the recognition that they were only just starting to receive when they fell into their lengthy hiatus. The Collector Of Truths represents a broad swathe of sounds yet nevertheless remains firmly entrenched in the Central American metal scene.

There is a wonderful sense of pervasive evil that dominates the record from tracks like album opener 'Asfixia' to ragers like The Daydreamer's Nightmare. I love this sense of harsh realities and raw brutality. It gives The Collector Of Truths a sense of authenticity, showing that the band emerged from true struggle to birth this record unto the world. On the flip side of the coin though is the simple fact that a lot of the production here suffers, this isn't a super easy record to listen too as a result. On top of that, The Collector Of Truths can't seem to decide what it wants to be with a broad sound that feels more like a hodgepodge of ideas than a clearly delineated method of attack.

There are a lot of interesting ideas and approaches on The Collector Of Truths. CRS deliver a lot of high powered ideas here and with a little better production and a clearer method of attack it could make for compelling listening. The Collector Of Truths may come after 20 years of hiatus, but it only begins to hint at what CRs could do if properly concentrated. There is a whole mess of potential here, I'm just very excited to see what they do as they evolve their sound and build on their very apparent talent.

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