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Sunday, September 1, 2019

High Command - Beyond The Wall Of Desolation

Beyond The Wall Of Desolation - now THAT is an album title. High Command kick off hard and fast with their thrashy true metal debut. in a scene where more and more bands who represent the old guard of heavy metal are coming to light, High Command are painting a darker picture. Their hard hitting riffs and flashy solos are a blast to sink your teeth into. For those of us who love metal and all that is true there is something fascinating about the maddening level that High Command are delivering on.

These Southern Lord signees get you from the first with an angular sense of riffing and bombast worthy of Power Trip. The precision playing on a track like Visions From The Blade underscores wonderfully harsh vocals that feel like they are being shredded out of vocalist Kevin Fitzgerald. There is a raw energy communicated in these riffs that makes Beyond The Wall Of Desolation is a blast to listen too and which seems to continually elevate the level at which the band executes. High Command have crafted something here that is, if nothing else, one hell of a good time. And they aren't afraid to remind you of it.

If you love classic metal it's hard not to be enamored with High Command. Sure they have harsh vocals and darker guitar tones, but I think that it's the overall vibe that matters. What's nifty about Beyond The Wall Of Desolation is that even though they took a distinctly 'classic' sound they were able to make it very 2019. So yes these thrashers have fist pumping parts and swaggering cries of 'Alright' but there are also tips of the hat to grind and death metal. This is what makes High Command so compelling and which has me guaranteed to be coming back.

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