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Monday, September 2, 2019

Sect - Blood Of The Beasts

Man - I love it when hardcore scene elders come out and are able to actually kick ass in their supergroups. Blood Of The Beasts sees members of bands ranging from Earth Crisis to Catharsis coming together to unleash some wonderfully vicious metallic hardcore. This is one of the most straight up vicious hardcore records that I have heard in a good while. Sect deliver unrepentant hatred on this record and with every passing spin I become ever more enamored with their sense of raw vitriol. 

This record clocks in around 18 minutes, but this only enhances the replayability. Blood Of The Beasts seems to revel in its own depravity. The sickening crunch of these songs counterbalanced with blasting drums and vicious guirar tones makes for a delectable listen. Sect continually impress with massive hooks and crushing riffs that force your body into some cruel imitation of dance. The relentless grooves of a track like Wait speak to what Sect have been able to achieve on a purely musical level. Masterful is an understatement, this is a tour de force from a group of legends who know how to deliver with swagger. 

Sect are far too much fun to listen too, even if you don't like hardcore, but simply enjoy extreme music. The band blast forward unrelentingly and seem to revel in the most depraved moments of the record. Blood Of The Beasts is a rewarding listen. It's a record that seems to repeatedly suggest that there is more to unpack from the band and it basically forces the listener to go back in the discography to unearth forgotten gems. It's rare that you find a modern hardcore band delivering at this level - but here we are! 

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