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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Mortiferum - Disgorged From Psychotic Depths

Leave it to Mortiferum to deliver an absolute monster of an album in a year already dominated by great metal. these Profound Lore signees have been delivering stellar death doom since 2016. Disgorged From Pyschotic Depths is the band debut album, due to come out on October 11th. Seemingly destined to crack the skulls of all who listen to it, Mortiferum trade in sheer heaviness and crushing atmospheres that leave you gasping for breath and wondering at your very sanity. What's not to love?

The Pacific Northwest death metal scene seems to churn out no end of great bands. Mortiferum simply seem to be an evolution on the promise of groups like Torture Rack or even Vastum. Taking queues from Asphyx just as much as they are from Death, Mortiferum have crafted something here that is wholly their own. Disgorged From Psychotic Depths is a masterful offering that seems to eagerly leap from peak to peak. In many ways this album represents the culmination of Mortiferums work so far, and if these evolutions on their early demos are anything to go by then the band has a long and bright future ahead of them.

If you are obsessed with the heavy stuff then you are going to find Disgorged From Psychotic Depths to be a wonderfully addictive. With only seven tracks (And one of those a transitional piece_ the band has really positioned themselves in a way as to have infinite replayability. There is a certai nverve to the songwriting here, even as Mortiferum attempt to drag you with them to hell. Despite it all you see that these guys are unafraid to wear their influences on their collective sleeves and go head first into the world of brutal and wonderfully potent skull cracking death metal.

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