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Monday, September 16, 2019

Alice Cooper - The Breadcrumbs EP

As regular readers are aware I don't often dabble in reviewing more mainstream releases, however this one caught my attention. Alice Cooper's The Breadcrumbs EP is a fitting tribute to his roots. It finds Mr. Cooper playing alongside all manner of Detroit legends, including musicians he has been playing alongside for half a century. If that's not enough to pique the interest of your average music nerd than I don't know what is. This is what Detroit rock freaks like me dream about getting to hear though, so let's dig in.

There is a wonderful sort of sneer that defines The Breadcrumbs EP, moreso than a lot of Cooper's recent output. On this record you hear him back in the garage, tearing it up with the guys he started destroying stages with all those years ago. The blast of nostalgia that comes on album opener, 'Detroit City 2020' name checks everyone from Bob Seger to the MC5. It speaks to how far Alice cooper has come but how vibrant and exciting this music remains. It's a fun look at an era of rock and roll that I think is far too often overlooked. There is a sort of inherent charm to The Breadcrumbs EP that has me coming back begging for more.

It's rare that as listeners we find records that reek with this same level of authenticity. Especially from an artist more than a half century in. The fact that you get to hear Cooper shining a light on so many of the guys he came up with makes for compelling listening. After all this is unfortunately one of the last things we will ever hear from most of these musicians so it seems appropriate that they would go back to their origins and remind us why we all fell in love with this music in the first place. Detroit Rock City will never die.

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