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Friday, September 27, 2019

Novembers Doom - Nephilim Grove

You don't really expect a death-doom band to be putting out their best record thirty years into their career. Hell, you don't expect a death-doom band to be putting out their best SONG thirty years into their career. But here we are. Nephilim Grove is not only one of the best things Prophecy Productions has done this year, it's one of the best records of 2019 straight up. It's a tour de force from a legendary band who mesmerize audiences with potent and overpowering song structures that move forward with stately elegance.

Nephilim Grove is a monster from tip to taint. There is an elegance to what they are doing here that elevates the dialog around the entire band. This is the group stepping up in a big way. They have some of their most impressive and ambitious ever compositions here. Furthermore - 'What We Become,' which gets a wonderful remix, is far and away my favorite Novembers Doom song, and I say this as the guy who has been a fan since high school and fucking signed the band. That song has become a soundtrack for my life since first hearing it, it's an absolute monster. Nephilim Grove leaps from peak to peak though with other standouts including 'Petrichor' and 'The Clearing Blind' (Another track that got remixed!)

So yeah - Nephilim Grove will make you pump your fist, it will make you cry, and it will make you realize that Novembers Doom are truly one of a kind. No other band of their generation of death doom has this emotional depth or this longevity. This is a record that I am legitimately stoked to listen too even after dozens of spins. It's a statement of the sheer power this band bring to the table now and forever. Also, and I can not emphasize this enough, 'What We Become' is a REALLY fucking good song.

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