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Friday, September 6, 2019

Vestigial - Crown Of Serpents

The Michigan death metal scene is churning out some  great stuff lately. One of the latest bands to be really delivering something of substance of Vestigial whose new record Crown Of Serpents is masterful melodic death metal. These Grand Rapids natives craft something that is grandiose and powerful. Their larger than life guitar lines ride nicely on top of tight riffs and bombastic songwriting. It makes for a record that is a delight to listen too and which seem to elevate the band a head and shoulders above their debut.

Crown Of Serpents is a potent release. There is something thrilling about a death metal record that delivers on this level. I like the simple poetry and might of these tracks. While there are a lot of European twists to what Vestigial is doing here, Crown Of Serpents stays firmly rooted in reality. Sure they may embrace the inherent drama of metal a little hard here or there, but for me at least that is a huge part of the appeal of Crown Of Serpents. I WANT a death metal record that has a little fun and feels like I'm part of something greater than myself. It's the overwhelming power of the genre that brought us to it in the first place!

Long story short - Crown Of Serpents is a banger through and through. It's a record that seems to embrace higher level thinking and pushing towards the next logical steps for the genre. Vestigial have gone above and beyond here to evolve beyond their roots. More than just another metal band from the midwest, Vestigial really impress here. While they need to continue to differentiate and elevate themselves above the rat race of modern death metal, one gets a sense that Crown Of Serpents is the sort of record that will mesmerize.

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