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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Cult of Luna - A Dawn To Fear

It's been three years since Cult of Luna released their seminal collaboration with Julie Christmas. Hell, it's been SIX since we last had an original full length that was just the band. Suffice it to say, a new Cult of Luna record will, I think, always feel like some sort of monumental moment in the history of the scene and the heavy music community at large. With this in mind, there was a lot of pressure on Cult of Luna to really deliver with this record. I am happy to report though, that A Dawn To Fear executes with excellence on all fronts. 

There is a transcendent sense of poetry to A Dawn To Fear. It shows one of sludge metals brightest hopes really leaning into the post rock side of their sound. The sheer prettiness on the outro of album opener 'The Silent Man' is a clear sign that the musical direction taken on the collaboration with Julie Christmas was not a mere diversion but a sign of things to come. It's a huge step forward for a bunch of Malmo hardcore kids, but the sheer overwhelming beauty of A Dawn To Fear shows that Cult Of Luna have come wonderfully far. This is one of their most compelling and in many ways mesmerizing releases yet. 

A Dawn To Fear exceeded almost all of my expectations of the band and I already thought they were among the most talented songwriters in post metal. This record puts them in a league of their own, sitting alongside other critical darlings turned demigods like Yob. Cult Of Luna elevated the dialog around them in 2016 with the collaboration record, but now  they prove that they can bring it on their own. This is a thrilling release and one that can't help but to fascinate even the most stubborn listener. Give it a whirl! 

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