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Friday, October 18, 2019

1349 - The Infernal Pathway

Invincible, immaculate, 1349 are one of the truly great Norwegian black metal bands. One of a kind, 1349 have battled since 1997 (Earlier still if you count Alvheim) to become the template of a genre. This is a band who embody what black metal is about in all of its raging fury and unrelenting sonic assault. The Infernal Pathway is a simply masterful release. It is a record that routinely pushes the band to the brink with the pitter patter of unrelenting drums making for some truly punishing black metal.

The death defying 'Oogh' that defines Striding The Chasm speaks to the bands dedication to their roots though. Sure they might be seven albums deep into one of the most successful stories in black metal, but they still remember where they come from. Sure the band are delivering just over 44 minutes of searing black metal, but The Infernal Pathway offers so much more than just that. This is an album that will drag you by your hair into an over the top and transcendent mess. It is black metal at its finest, unrelenting and evil, rapid fire and excited to punish the listener and draw them in with addictive songwriting.

1349 somehow manage to remain twisted despite their polish. Sure there are high powered solos meant for festival stages, but there are also demented lyrics on tracks like Enter Cold Void Dreaming. Despite their rapid ascendance in the world of black metal and current status among the top dogs, they have had to fight to maintain credibility. This record sees them going for the throat and feasting on the flesh of their enemies. It's an unrelenting tribute to the magic of black metal and I wouldn't want it any other way.

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