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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Avslut - Tyranni

This is some vile shit. I love it. Avslut are back their sophomore album a thrilling and twisted production that tears at the human psyche. A group emerging from the suburbs of Stockholm, the group is signed to the immortal Osmose Productions. This second offering, Tyranni borders on the terrifying. It's an uncompromising effort, nine tracks of raw hatred being spat in your face. Driven by blast beats and flurries of power chords, this is what Swedish black metal has always been about, and it rules.

Tyranni is the sort of record that you can get lost in. Avslut have crafted a record that not only sounds huge but which nicely builds on their musical forebears, bands like Immortal or even Emperor. The frostbitten riffs that define Underjordens Apostlar are nicely counterpointed by surprisingly flashy guitars. The thing that makes Tyranni special is that despite its dedication to monochromatic soundscapes and punishing brutality, there is still something about the band that straight up rocks. If that's not enough to mesmerize you and bring you ever deeper into the nighted abyss then I don't know what is.

I love the sheer bombast of Tyranni. The keys that pad out a track like Pestens Larjungar speak to just how much of an all inclusive effort this is. This is an album that routinely goes above and beyond, it thrills the listener and gleefully sips the blood of the innocent. Black metal is not a genre that was meant to be safe or friendly, and Avslut embrace that. Their music is alienating and and at times horrifying. This is a band who get at the spirit of raw black metal and at their best they are utterly entrancing.

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