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Monday, October 7, 2019

Ossuaire - Derniers Chants

Sepulchral Productions is a thrilling label. They have put out some really good stuff in recent years and I am routinely impressed with their signings. Ossuaire are one such band. These Quebec blasphemers caught my eye six months ago when they released Premiers Chants. It was a dynamic black metal record that left me in awe. Now the band is back with Derniers Chants, the second part of their two album concept release about the downfall of Christianity. It's bleak, monochromatic and brilliantly put together.

With lyrics all in French, Ossuaire are nicely reflecting the magic of the Montreal black metal scene. The atmospheres that Ossuaire paint are thrilling. There is something almost Dante-esque about Derniers Chants. You find yourself navigating strange and beautiful soundworlds. This is a record that routinely goes above and beyond the call of duty, forcing listeners to confront their own madness. While doing a two part concept release is certainly ambitious, I can't help but feel that Ossuaire executed in the best way possible here. Derniers Chants definitely feels like it was written at the same time as Premiers Chants and this all makes sense as a cohesive work.

There is a certain level of bombast that Ossuaire bring to the table which makes them special. You can't help but to love a band who understand the sheer swagger of black metal. Derniers Chants comes at you fast and goes for the throat. This isn't exactly raw and vicious black metal, it is instead something much more controlled with a clear vision and a distinct path forward. Derniers Chants will keep you thinking and is a refreshing insight into one of the hottest up and coming Canadian black metal bands.

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