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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Obsequiae - The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings

Do you ever forget just how much you love a band? That's how I feel about the new Obsequiae, The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings. This is one of the best melodic black metal records I have heard all year. It sits in its own sonic universe, is well thought out and a lot of fun to just sit back and sink your teeth into. This is an ambitious record to be sure, but it's also one that has a clear and singleminded vision that often borders on the transcendent.

Obsequiae long ago billed themselves as 'Castle Metal' and while I normally roll my eyes at self applied genre tags it makes sense in this context. The overarching sense of drama and sheer epicness that dominates the album is stunning. The intro to Ceres In Emerald Streams does an amazing job of setting the atmosphere of the record and it only goes from there. This is a record that even a relatively new black metal fan is going to find something to love in. The songs are simply that well put together and the energy level is, in a phrase, on point. It's the sort of record that I love coming back to just to wander through.

The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings is an absolute monster of a release. It continually strives for new heights and you find yourself climbing towers and delving into dungeons with the band. Toss in a thoughtful and unique drum approach and you have yourself a group unlike almost any other. A mesmerizing listen and a record that will continually leave you in awe, The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings is going to demand repeated listens and bring listeners ever deeper into the world of swords and sorcery.

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