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Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Trépas - L'héritage du monde

The Quebec black metal scene can seemingly do no wrong. I've loved everything I have heard come out of the scene this year and it's good to know that there are countless people in this community making a point to ensure that it grows and does well. This latest discovery, Trépas formed from members and ex members of Morgue and Outre-Tombe. It's a record that nicely balances black metals ferocity with the artsier side of the genre. It's compelling listening in an age fixated on extremes.

That is not to say that the band can't get wonderfully vicious. The cries of anguish on a track like Charognes is a highlight of the record. L'héritage du monde captures the imagination in its simple and weirdly heartfelt poetry. This is a record that plumbs the depths of human emotions and seems eager in its ability to drag you down to hell alongside them. The monolithic songs have soundworlds you can get lost in. These mixes are a stunning reminder of why I fell in love with black metal in the first place. There is a wonderful breadth to the sound and the more time I spend embracing it the more I love it.

L'héritage du monde is a masterful record. It has some beautiful production and it continually impresses with the scope of the work. One need look no further than the magical intro of the eponymous track, Trépas, to see that L'heritage du monde represents a tasteful blend of black metal subgenres. The band brilliantly dances from post black metal to much rawer sounds and then jumps back. They are unique in their vision and execution and I for one am hungry to hear a lot more from these Quebecois!

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