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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Ploughshare - Tellurian Insurgency

It's rare that you find a record that deals in sheer oppression thee way Tellurian Insurgency does. Yes there are elements that are violent and others that are horrifying, but throughout it all the listener will come away with a sense of creeping death. There is a sense, throughout Tellurian Insurgency that the band is continually hurtling towards a demented future. It's as if the monumental sounds painted by Ploughshare are meant to tear you down to the depths of hell. In part this is because I suspect they very much were.

What I love about Tellurian Insurgency is the bands willingness to borrow from all sides of underground music. While yes, this is essentially a death metal EP, you see touches of dark electronic music, doom metal and black metal all making their impact known. Ploughshare really prove themselves as songwriters on this album. It sees their growth as an almost intimidating and otherworldly force. Tellurian Insurgency routinely impresses with the scope of what they are doing here. It becomes all the more stunning when you consider that the band is able to drag you to hell with just 21 minutes of music.

Tellurian Insurgency will have you going back through the bands discography, because Ploughshare have tapped into something special here. The Australian underground metal scene is a dark and terrifying place. The more time you spend with it the more you start to wonder - what the hell are they cooking in the land down under? As is - Tellurian Insurgency is a masterful EP and one that routinely suggests that Ploughshare are going to brilliantly delve ever deeper into the world of truly twisted music.

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