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Monday, October 14, 2019

Plateau Sigma - Symbols - The Sleeping Harmony of the World Below

This is an interesting one. Plateau Sigma are an Italian doom metal band crafting something that, while rooted in death doom seems to gently lean into other sides of the doom spectrum. The end result is a record that has great execution, but seems a bit too ambition with a variety of ideas being entertained, but none being fully developed on. Toss in the 50 minute plus run time and it starts to become clear that Symbols - The Sleeping Harmony of the World Below, may not always be the album it wants to be.

The record kicks off with 'Heterochromia' a masterful take on Thergothon style death doom. However, the band quickly veers off into other ideas with the next track Ouija and the Qvantvm veering into almost a stoner rock direction. What's frustrating about it though is the band is clearly incredibly talented. When they want to get heavy they are masterful and each song on its own stands pretty strong, though some of the more 'underwater' sounding guitars are a difficult production choice for me. Doom metal needs to take the listener on a journey and it sometimes feels like Symbols - The Sleeping Harmony of the World Below lacks that.

There are a lot of cool ideas here, and while some of the more watery production choices leave me wanting, as a general rule, Symbols - The Sleeping Harmony of the World Below is very well put together. There is a ton of potential here. Maybe I'm just not getting it, but when it comes down to it there is no coherent thread keeping the whole thing together. Doom is inherently a difficult genre to write for, and Plateau Sigma clearly have the chops, now lets see if they can pull together the overarching vision.

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