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Friday, October 4, 2019

Sentient Horror - Morbid Realms

This is a good one. Sentient Horror have been one of my favorite bands from the Jersey death metal scene for years now. I've seen them go through a few lineup changes but continually seem to get better and better. This is a band who have stayed true to their label, the excellent Redefining Darkness Records and who seem to continually bring their compositions to brave new heights. Morbid Realms is an absolutely masterful death metal record, one that shows a deep understanding of the genre and elevates the dialog around the genre.

We are living in an era where OSDM is hugely popular. One need look no further than the current press cycle for Blood Incantation to see that bands who rock the 90s death metal sound are getting some serious traction. Morbid Realms is another such entry. However, their unique brand of Entombed worship is fueled with touches of Death and Dismember. Meanwhile, the shredding guitar solos hint at a fair amount of Carcass or even Edge of Sanity in these guys musical upbringing. It makes for a distinct sound that very much fits within the modern ethos of what the death metal genre is all about.

Sentient Horror are an intense listen, and moreover a fun one. They are a band who careen forward with breakneck rhythms and flashy leads. They are aware of the inherent fun of death metal, but their approach remains very serious and down to earth. Morbid Realms is a banger, it's vicious and over the top. The scream that kicks off album opener Call Of Ancient Gods lets you know exactly what you are in for and it's hard not to be enamored. So join us in the bloodthirsty pit, you know you're going to love it.

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