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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Angelblast - Rotting Paradise


Swededeath is - as a genre kind of popping off right now. There's a lot of interesting things coming out of the scene and it is no doubt spurred on at least in part by the current wave of Entombed worship coming out of North America. Angelblast sees members of Excruciate and Darkened coming together to craft a thrilling three track debut EP, Rotting Paradise, that fires off seven inches of fury. This is a record that blasts forward unrelentingly, fascinating the listener and reveling in its own brutality.

It's hard not to be charmed by the balls out assault of a track like Descending Of The Immortals. The blast beats perfectly underscore hyper speed guitars and percussive vocals. There is a sense of raw energy communicated here that perfectly taps into what makes this type of death metal so fun. The punky assault of this record is counterbalanced by flashy guitars and even a harmony or two. It makes for a dynamic listen and is continually a reminder of just how good these guys are. The way that they seem to relish the bloodshed of a pit starter only serves to make Rotting Paradise all the more appealing.

When it comes down to it, this record is just over eight minutes long but manages to accomplish a hell of a lot. It's a potent coming out party of r a band who seem determined to take on the scene at large. With its unrelenting assault and sense of bombast, as cemented by album closer Incarnation Of The Fallen I think that this band has a decent chance of being the next group to fascinate the death metal longsleeve wearing legions. Rotting Paradise is a masterful debut, now let's see if the bands upcoming full length holds the course!

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