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Thursday, November 28, 2019

Coffin Curse - Ceased to Be

Over the past few years Memento Mori has carved a path for themselves as one of the great underground metal labels in the world today. This latest offering, Ceased To Be, from the Santiago ragers in Coffin Curse just adds to this legacy. While Coffin Curse may indeed be a bit muddy in their execution and while they are certainly not reinventing the steel - they definitely do bring a lot to the table. This is a potent band who, if you are craving a death metal beatdown, deliver with a sense of aplomb.

Ceased To Be fascinates because of its ability to grind out basement chugging riffs with ease. The brutarian stomp of these tracks tattoos a rhythm of hatred against your brain. With more than a few groove metal influences counterbalancing some of the more over the top Swedish death metal moments, Coffin Curse eagerly send you diving into the pit. The sense of fun broadcast even from the bridge of the opening track, 'Gathered Unto Death' speaks to exactly what this band is attempting to execute and the level of raw vitriol that they seek to bring to the table with each and every offering here.

Despite its relative simplicity of execution, Ceased To Be is a death metal record that you can get lost in. When the ominous solos on a track like Where Sickness Thrives kick in it is clear that these guys are onto something special. The sickening outro of Deep In Streams Of Putrefying Dirt with all of its horror film inspired glory only seeks to augment this send of wondrous sickness. Ceased To Be goes for the throat and suggests that Coffin Curse have a lot more left in the tank to crack posers skulls with.

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