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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Arkona - Age Of Capricorn

It's crazy when bigger bands are starting to gravitate towards your favorite underground black metal labels like Debemur Morti.  Such is the case with Arkona, whose latest offering, Age Of Capricorn is one of the bands most ferocious offerings to date. these Polish black metal warriors unleash pure hell here. A record that is fully immersive, drenched in blast beats and grandiose vibes, Age Of Capricorn fascinates the listener purely on raw energy. This is a record that pushes towards bold new heights and is a tour de force for the band.

These Polish black metallers have been cultivating their sound since 1993, and Age Of Capricorn is one of their most all around excellent records yet. Arkona have clearly taken the time here to put together a record that you can get lost in. The stellar production really shines on a track like Grand Manifest of Death. It's eight and a half minute run time feels like a breeze as you march through the twisted burning wreckage that defines the record. It is a black metal song that seems to only drive towards darker shores. With bleak melodies and grim transcendence, Age Of Capricorn routinely stuns the listeners with its clarity of vision.

All in all - the execution on Age Of Capricorn wonderfully reflects over a quarter of a century of black metal mastery. There is a sublime and twisted poetry to what's going on here. Arkona seem to revel in the demented magic of what they have put together here and the more time I spend with it the more I am enamored. Black metal is a genre where it's easy to fall into a creative rut. Arkona turn this on its head and prove that they, more than almost any of their peers has what it takes to take on the world.

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