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Friday, November 8, 2019

Ulthar - Cosmovore

Now THIS is death metal. Cosmovore is an absolutely massive offering from Bay Area riff lords Ulthar. Sitting at the fore the new wave of old school death metal, these guys have been making noise since their 2016 demo. This debut full length, and first proper recording proves that the demo was no fluke. After all - 20 Buck Spin has a reputation for putting out the cream of the crop of underground death metal for a reason. This is a masterful release and one that will fascinate listeners across the globe.

On Cosmovore Ulthar manage to synthesize everything that makes raw, primitive and evil death metal so appealing. The mosh worthy riffs, knuckle dragging breakdowns and unrelenting blast beats make for an immersive listening experience. This is a death metal record that feels larger than life. It routinely drives the listener towards madness and the more time you spend in their swirling riff hell the more you fall in love with the music.This is a colossal offering. It is a record that seems to continually one up itself, yet it never feels like self parody. Instead this stands as a stunning pastiche of classic death metal ideas routinely upping the bar and showing their peers that there is a new slayer of posers in town.

It's hard not to be enamored with the unrelenting stomp of Cosmovore. This is after all a record that understands the inherent sense of fun that comes with death metal. The record is called Cosmovore for Satan's sake! Getting lost in these grooves is addictive and its reassuring to find an album that clearly understands the power of death metal as envisioned by titans like Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse. So get ready to dive into the pit and feast on all manner of brutality - Ulthar are finally out of the cocoon and are here to slay.

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