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Sunday, November 10, 2019

Earth And Pillars - Earth II

Atmospheric black metal is a really hard genre to get right. There are so many bands out there doing it who simply don't understand what makes the genre compelling or how to effectively execute in the space. It's a genre that thrives on subtlety but also requires a deep understanding of primitive brutality. Suffice it to say - though a lot of it might hit my inbox, most of it is pretty subpar. That being said - I tend to trust the Avantgarde Music record label's picks and once more, they have not lead us die hards astray.

Earth And Pillars are a potent act, the four tracks that unfold on Earth II are mesmerizing and powerful. Earth II is the sort of record that you can get lost in. There are brooding and powerful melodies that unfold over the course of songs that operate in full on movements. In some ways it reminds me of the work of bands like Unreqvited. Earth And Pillars have nailed the execution here. This record is bombastic and thrilling, yet still works as something that you can toss on in the background while cooking. It's a record that gives you a lot to dig into but makes sense even from the first spin.

Earth II is a serious step forward for Earth And Pillars. The production is top notch and the songs, though long, don't seem to drag. Instead they invite the listener to get invested in the sound, to delve in and then to fall in love. This is a record that presents you with vast sonic highways, bold vistas of of sound that any music lover is going to fall deeply in love with. Earth II might not break any tropes or change the world, but for those of us who love atmospheric black metal then this is a record we will stay enamored with.

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