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Monday, November 11, 2019

Goatblood - Apparition Of Doomsday

There is something to be said for raw and bestial blackened death metal. While some of it may lack refinement, that's not exactly what the bands here are going for. Instead the goal is gut wrenching brutality in a sea of distortion. Apparition Of Doomsday achieves exactly that. With 14 tracks of tried and true extreme metal punishment the band stay true to the genres tropes and crack skulls across the board. Apparition Of Doomsday may be a bit out of the box for a label like Dunkelheit, but Goatblood have certainly done something interesting here.

Blackened death metal records that really pay tribute to the demented nature of the genre feel increasingly rare these days - or maybe I'm looking in the wrong places. Still, it's interesting to get to engage with a record that is a sort of warts and all look at the heaving brutality of underground metal. Apparition Of Doomsday is exactly this. It knows it isn't the prettiest, but it's damn good stuff. The chainsaw riffs chug along unrepentantly. The blasting drums tattoo a message of hate into your skull and the vocals rumble forth spreading a message of bloodlust, hate and destruction wherever they may go.

This is a stripped back and fucked up piece of music. The atonal utterances that highlight the most demonic moments make Apparition Of Doomsday a blasphemous offering. This isn't a record that many people in metals literati will necessarily care about. This is a band who spits in the face of all that. Goatblood don't want your damn approval, they just want to spit in your face and force you to choke on human suffering. This is extreme metal stripped back to the core, unrelenting and wonderfully evil.

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