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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Israthoum - Arrows From Below

It's rare that a black metal band is able to put out their most impressive work 20 years after formation. It's also rare to have a black metal band, especially in the more orthodox style who move their bad from Portugal to the Netherlands in the hope of growing their project. But here we are. Israthoum's Arrows From Below is a masterful orthodox black metal offering that plumbs surreal depths and forces the listener to choke on the bitter pill of unreality as they dive into a cacophony of blood and misery.

Arrows From Below is fascinating in its ability to conjure up demented imagery and remind us of our shared black metal heritage. The searing assault of a track like "Laetetur Cor" speaks to the bands ability to conjure up potent soundscapes. The tormented screams that lay over top of hyper speed black metal guitars here seem undeniably human. Additionally - the occasional falls into howls of anguish seems to only accentuate the twisted realities that Israthoum so eagerly dwell in. New Era Productions, the bands label, certainly seemed to pick out a gem when they found chose this wonderfully produced offering.

Despite the fact that the music is by nature stripped down and primitivist, there are a surprising number of layers here. The tastefully executed guitar solos and multi-part song structures speak to an impressive degree of forethought. Israthoum are very aware of the aesthetic that they are playing into and the more time that I spend with it the more I am enamored with what has been crafted here. This is traditional black metal at it's finest. Sure they don't break any rules, but they certainly do a great job of adding to a canon of misery.

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