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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Les Chants Du Hasard - Livre Second

Now THIS is a record. A fascinating mix of classical music with a black metal ethos and twisted vocals, Les Chants Du Hasard come into their own on Livre Second. This is a record that owes just as much to 'Night On A Bare Mountain' as it does to the work of Ulver. An avant garde masterpiece that effortlessly fuses the work of early 20th centuries like composers like Prokofiev and Mussorgsky with black metal leanings this is one of the weirdest and most interesting records that I have heard all year.

Livre Second is wonderfully unsettling. This is a record that seems to revel in it's Rite Of Spring-esque protest against all we hold sacred. The harsh vocals layered on top of some very intense orchestral compositions feels fundamentally wrong. This is a record that will put your skin on edge the same way Lou Reed's masterpiece Metal Machine Music does. It's an album that doesn't want to play by the rules but which instead proves that there are unique new directions for both black metal and classical music. This is perhaps one of the most pure marriages that I have ever heard of classical and black metal.

What's delightful here is that Livre Second is an exhausting listen. This is an album with countless layers that demands your attention. The musical approach brought to the table by Les Chants Du Hasard is iconoclastic. It's the sort of thing that many have attempted to emulate in the past, but which it seems only this project has been able to accurately bring to fruition. Livre Second came out a few weeks ago - but I'm glad I took the time for it as this is absolutely a must listen in 2020 for any classical music and black metal fan.

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