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Monday, November 18, 2019

Saligia - Vesaevus

It's hard to believe that Saligia have been hard at it for 13 years now. This is a band who have, in their own words, 'embraced the pain of death.' Their brand of occult black metal has always been fascinating and it's a perfect fit for Van Records. This is the sort of raw, and yet simultaneously artsy wizardry that I have come to love the label for. While on the one hand this feels incredibly authentic and honest, their latest offering, Vesaevus also seems to stand as an exciting hint at what more is to come from the band.

Vesaevus is pointed in its emotional assault. This is a record that goes for the throat almost eagerly on tracks like 'Draining The Well.' Not coincidentally this is perhaps the most straight up black metal track on the record. Saligia seem to dart from peak to peak on this album showing that they have a deep understanding of the over the top emotional outpourings that make black metal such an interesting genre. The simple honesty of their music and the moments where the harsh growls turn into very human shouts help to put this over the edge as an album that seems to reflect something about us all.

This is a record that definitely encourages you to get lost in the weeds. Vesaevus shows us that Saligia are more than just black metal upstarts. This is a band who are unrepentant in their occult black metal assault. They are eagerly spitting in the face of god and frequently turning it up as far a the knob will go. Their balance of artistry and primal headbanging slaughter is thrilling. This is another gem in the crown of Van Records - a reminder that this is one of the most perfectly curated labels in the game right now.

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