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Friday, November 29, 2019

Montecharge - Demons Or Someone Else

One of the most interesting things about hardcore to me is the wat that ti so often functions as a blank canvas for other genres to layer their ideas on top of. tHis has been the case since practically the begining of the genre but it still makes for compelling listening. Demons Or Someone Else adds to this noble tradition with its atypical riffing and grindcore inspired derivations. These are offput by psychedelic layering and a unique vision that frequently augments the band far beyond their peers and into a world apart.

The latest offering from Wooaaargh Records, Montecharge's debut album belies the decade that the band spent working at putting this music together. These songs are anthemic and powerful. Epic in scale and execution it's so easy to get lost in the grandiose imagery that Montecharge present. With lyrics that occasionally dip into French, Demons Or Someone Else is triumphantly multifaceted, frequently showcasing fresh ideas and hinting at exotic sound worlds once forgotten. The in your face crush of these songs is addictive and the more time that I spend really sinking my teeth into what they are about the more I am enamored.

Demons Or Someone Else is a masterful offering. It's a record that routinely goes above and beyond the call of duty. While there are certainly parts you can scream along too, other moments show that Montecharge aren't afraid to get cerebral. In some ways their approach here was a little bit too ambitious, but again, they spent so long in building this record it seems clear that almost every choice was intentional. Chaotic, punishing and wonderfully over the top, Demons Or Someone Else is worth many a repeat listen.

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