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Friday, November 22, 2019

Osi And the Jupter - Nordlige Runaskog

Ohio is not necessarily known as the cradle of pagan folk. Yet emerging from the wheat and rust landscape of the Cuyahoga river come Osi And The Jupiter.  With their third record, Nordlige Runaskog the band take another step forward in their years long atavistic journey. This is a band whose beautiful production and elegant execution have separated them from the pack. In a US scene that suffers a severe lack of pagan folk, Osi And The Jupiter seem determined to succeed no matter the odds.

It's hard not to be enamored with the glorious songs of hope and sorrow portrayed here. Nordlige Runaskog is a record that seems to carry the listener off to a magical faraway place. The transcendent power of their lush instrumentation with violins counteracting gorgeous synths is fascinating. Beyond that the band seem to have found the perfect place for their light percussion in the mix adding a touch of drive at just the right moments. In brief - the songwriting here is simply on another level. It speaks to how far Osi And The Jupiter have come. Their position on Eisenwald is a reminder that they are on one of the best curated labels in the genre today.

Nordlige Runaskog is a record that you are going to want to get lost in. There clearly was a ridiculous amount of hard work, blood, sweat and tears poured into this album. It elevates the bar not just of the band, but the US pagan folk scene as a whole. For those of us who want to feel our heartstrings plucked as we gaze into the void then look no further. This is a band who have a deep and passionate understanding for the beauty of pagan music. It's hard not for us bitter old romantics to be enamored with it.

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