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Friday, November 22, 2019

Cattle Decapitation - Death Atlas

The world is literally dying. Every day more and more people are displaced by climate disasters. Societies begin to crumble and wars brew. What better subject matter for a death metal band? Cattle Decapitation use Death Atlas to continue to prove their growth. This band is a far cry removed from the guys who put out Humanure all those years ago. Nevertheless - with over 20 years of shared history behind them, Cattle Decapitation have fully embraced becoming the worlds leading environmentally focused death metal band.

Musically Death Atlas is a stunner. The experimentation with vocal styles that really began on 2012's Monolith Of Inhumanity and which were then developed on 2015's Anthropocene Extinction have only been pushed further here. While the band has certainly embraced more bombastic elements and even clean vocals(!) they aren't afraid to return to their roots - gut wrenchingly heavy death metal slaughter. While this may be the bands most diverse record to date, they consistently prove that they are among the best death metal bands in the game - it's just that they understand how to bring in other disparate elements too.

There is just so much going on on this record it's impossible to distill it into a three paragraph review. Here's what I will say. Cattle Decapitation have taken it to another level here. Even from the first couple tracks it's clear that this is a band who have grown immeasurably through the 2010's. This is a death metal record that is legitimately great art and which will go down as an all time classic in the genre. Look for it to be dominating year end lists because this is a veritable monster any way you slice it!

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