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Friday, November 15, 2019

The Old Dead Tree - The End

One of the thing that gets me about the Season of Mist roster is the sheer diversity that they bring to the table with their roster's bands. The Old Dead Tree is a great example of this - they are gothic metal legends who have been at it for over 20 years with a unique sound and clear vision that will push them over the top time and time again. The End is a transcendent record, an album that represents their nearly quarter century of songwriting experience. It makes for a compelling listen that is a clear step forward for the band.

Writing this review I was shocked to see that it had been 12 years since this band has released music because I remember them being fairly new as a kid. I guess that goes to show... something horrifying I guess. The point being, The End stands remarkably fresh for a band who have taken this kind of hiatus. Sure it may only be a five song EP, but these five songs represent just how far The Old Dead Tree have come since their humble beginning. This latest offering is a potent record that is worth multiple listens and which seems to distill a variety of elements of modern metal mixed in with their traditional goth sensibilities.

Suffice it to say - this is some wonderfully dark and often heart wrenching shit. The production here is excellent too - the amber waves of sound that define a track like Someone Should Know (The Truth) As for now it seems like this record might be, as the closing track suggests, The End Again but maybe, just maybe we can hold out hope for these titans of gothic rock to come back and deliver more magic like this - because when it comes down to it, this is a pretty next level piece of music on all fronts.

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