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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Haxandraok - Ki Si Kil Ud Da Kar Ra

When presented with an album title like Ki Si Kil Ud Da Kar Ra from a label like Van Records then you know that you are in for a record that is weird, challenging and representing the cutting edge of metal. That is exactly what Haxandraok deliver here as they unleash some of the most potent black metal I have heard all year. This is a record that leans heavily on the sheer bombast of the genre making for a dynamic listening experience from a band who seem to understand the broad emotional scope that black metal can bring to the table.

This is a record that pulls from a hugely diverse set of influences to get something truly unique. On Ki Si Kil Ud Da Kar Ra Haxandraok emphasize a love for shamanistic and tribal music from across the globe. There is also a clear passion for music from the far East. Of course all of this is (Mostly) put together under traditional Western harmony and it means that Haxandraok come out on top with an exciting listen that seems to leap from peak to peak. There are all sorts of dynamic shifts, rises and falls that serve to make Ki Si Kil Ud Da Kar Ra a thrilling listen and one that perfectly represents the state of forward thinking black metal today.

It's cool to see this type of black metal continue to evolve. There are so many sonic colors that black metal is uniquely able to delve into. Ki Si Kil Ud Da Kar Ra proves that the level of erudition needed to compete in black metal in 2020 is going to be extreme. This is a release that cherry picks influences from across the globe and distills them into something wonderfully vicious that will not soon be forgotten. Haxandraok are visionaries and I am thrilled to see where their songs take them next.  

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