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Monday, December 23, 2019

Aseptic - Cascading Fluids

Redefining Darkness? More like Redefining Dankness! The label is sick, constantly churning out some of the best new death metal, including this latest offering for Aseptic which drops on cassette next month but is available now as a free fuckin' download off Bandcamp! (Do that HERE but if you can support the label ya fuckin' jamoke). The point being - Cascading Fluids may be a mere EP but it is chock full of sick riffs, vomitrocious vocals and an overarching sense of decay that makes this a compelling listen.

I love Aseptic for how primitive so much of what they do is. The stripped down mastery of the synth laden outtro on 'Addictive Reek' is the perfect example of this. It's a track that simply oozes old school death metal mayhem, gurgling its way into your heart and reminding us all why we got into this music in the first place. The sheer depravity of this record is addictive and it continually seeks to amp up the madness. I love these records that refuse to grow past the early 90s, instead reveling in all the insanity that defined the death metal scene at that time. Sure it's not reinventing the steel - but there is something to be said for its skull cracking swagger.

The fact that this band is a two piece only serves to make Cascading Fluids all the more remarkable in its trademark heaviness. The frenetic blasting of 'Festering Orifices' for instance seems to only get better with repeated listens. What the band is doing here is certainly knuckle dragging, but they know it and if you are into old school death metal then the frantic playing and death metal dungeon level production is going to win your heart. If you're looking for a more polished listen - then you should leave the hall.

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