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Sunday, December 22, 2019

Sijjin - Angel Of The Eastern Gate

A thrashy death metal trio featuring half of Necros Christos? Yes please! Sijjin is a wonderfully twisted and incredibly heavy death metal act coming roaring out of Germany. The bands high powered assault is defined by chainsaw guitars and a dedication to old school death metal. As the band careen into the circle pit inspiring magic of a track like Remnants Of Cambrian Evil it seems very clear that Angel Of The Eastern Gate is a special EP, a cassette that speaks to the excellent output of their label, Sepulchral Voice.

The thundering assault showcased here is delectable. When the band bark out the records title on the title track, it's hard not to raise your fist in appreciation. There is a certain macabre sense of bloodthirst that helps to set the band apart. Their old school death metal leanings are wonderfully executed and balance nicely with the sheer thrash metal energy that underpins the whole thing. As you headbang along it seems clear that Angel Of The Eastern Gate isn't just a special record, but an EP that demands constant replays just so the listener can really sink their teeth into the mayhem lashed out here.

It's easy to get lost in the dark invocations presented here. This is a band who understand the magic of death metal tropes and lean into them wherever possible. They are very aware of what they represent both sonically and ideologically. The dedication to these concepts is admirable and speaks to a group of guys who have been grinding away in this scene for decades now. Angel Of The Eastern Gate may not be bringing anything new to the table but it certainly speaks to just how good Sijjin have become in a rapid period of time.

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