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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Drittmaskin - Sosial Prolaps

Black metal collides headlong with hardcore punk with touches of pop and singer songwriter getting wrapped into the mix on Drittmaskins high powered debut record Social Prolaps. A record that never wants for ideas, this is the sort of high energy, over the top rock and roll that made so many of us fall in love with the genre in the first place. Drittmaskin consistently prove here that they have a seemingly neverending well of ideas and the way that they merge them is only going to get weirder with each song.

The way that the band will layer a black metal snarl over punchy Iggy Pop esque guitars on a track like Angst is really interesting. There are bands that have attempted to do similar before but no one who seems to have really gotten it down to a science the way that Drittmaskin have. While at times the fact that this record is very much a hodgepodge of sounds works actively against the band, at others it is an asset reminding the listener just how talented they are. It means that Social Prolaps is a record that demands multiple listens if you want to 'get it' but I'm not necessarily sure for how many fans the music will inspire a desire to engage with it for multiple spins.

That all being said - Drittmaskin is an exciting one. It's a record that has a ton of interesting ideas and which seems to routinely elevate the dialog around the band to a point where to ignore their songwriting prowess is seriously remiss. Drittmaskin are an incredibly talented group of guys and the weirdness of their sonic assault only makes Social Prolaps all the more inspiring, a record that is guaranteed to keep you interested and which seems to lay the groundwork for a unique musical future for Drittmaskin!

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