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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Beat City Tubeworks - Top Rock

That's right. This band again. Apparently when I wrote about I Can't Believe It's, it was Beat City Tubeworks remastered debut. I was enamored with their late 70s hard rock worship. Well now they have a new album due to come out in February - Top Rock. This is a record that continues to build on what the band established with I Can't Believe It's but shows that there is so much more to what Beat City Tubeworks are doing. Top Rock is a high powered rock and roll party that refuses to let up from top to bottom.

This is more than just early KISS worship, although that certainly plays a key part in the bands sound. Top Rock is a bast to listen too simply because Beat City Tubeworks so perfectly have distilled what the magic of rock and roll is all about. It's hard not to want to pump your fist to these high powered rock and roll party anthems. Beat City Tubeworks, perhaps more than any of their peers in the rock revival space seem to understand the fundamental magic of some guitars, amps and a drum bashing out a four on the floor rhythm. This is the reason we all fell in love with this music and Beat City Tubeworks capture it perfectly.

The cry of 'Let's go!' on Ivory Wave encapsulates the energy that Beat City Tubeworks bring to the table with every track here. These songs are anthems to a time forgot, but a time that Beat City Tubeworks seek to bring back. There is a very real magic to the histrionics of Top Rock. This is a record that routinely goes above and beyond, showcasing just how talented the band are and making listeners hunger for a time where massive anthems like this where the norm. One of the most talented rock bands out there right now - I'm curious to see where they go next!

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