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Monday, December 30, 2019

Kauhu - Anomalia

Rough and tumble hardcore from Finland? Yes please. Finland has always been a country with a top notch punk scene, defined by acts like Pax Americana and Absurd Attitude. Anomalia is a nifty take on the genre, oftentimes very fun, but also marked with an Amebix-esque seriousness to much of its approach. It's a record that understands its rock and roll roots but also points to so much more going on for the band and reminds us repeatedly that this countries punk scene is truly unique and fascinating.

The hard hitting assault and wonderful 'Oogh' that helps to make album opener, 'Kuolleiden Sadonkorjuu; so special sets the tone for the full album. Though the final track, Korroosion Laki definitely does get a bit more trippy and transcendent, Anomalia makes its name on sped up rock and roll riffs. The danceable nature of these songs makes them addictive and a fitting reminder of all that punk can be. Don't mistake this for a lighthearted record though, this is an intense listen and one that will repeatedly beat you over the head. Kauhu are a lot of things, perhaps the most important of which is that they are clear in their vision.

There is a fascinating power of the blasting drums tattooing a rhythm on your skull in conjunction with the chainsaw guitars here.  The hectic guitar that closes out Paralyysi or the wide open guitar licks that define 'Ei syytä Paniikkiin' really serve to make Anomalia a special listen. The unforgiving approach and wide eyed madness make for a potent release. This is a record that builds on old tropes, and while it doesn't break out of any boxes it proves that Kauhu are capable of executing high voltage rock and roll at an extremely high level.

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