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Sunday, December 29, 2019

Body Stuff - 3

Now this is a nifty band. Fusing touches of avant garde with New York City hard rock, industrial with metal and much more, this EP is the third in a trilogy that has been in progress since 2013. 3 is a masterful offering from Body Stuff. Their unique take on the genre, ambitious songwriting and clear vision makes these five tracks compelling. Underpinnings of New York hardcore serves to give the even the more polished frills found throughout the record a certain undeniable grit. It helps to make for genuinely compelling listen.

There is a real sense of honesty here that makes tracks like 'New York In The Rain'. The bellowed cleans of Curran Reynolds are nicely offset by the other half of this duo, Ryan Jones, perhaps better known for his work in Mutiliation Rites, devastating death growls. There are a lot of musical colors presented here - really making this project seem closer, at least in terms of approach, to Killing Joke than anything else. The simple transcendence of a man singing with his guitar in the intro to 'Words' brilliantly transitions into a phlangered out sonic free for all - it speaks to the bands prodigious talents as songwriters.

3 is a fitting end to the trilogy, a massive step forward for the band and an indicator of what more is to come. Body Stuff is an ambitious project, but it is clear with 3 that they have what it takes to keep delivering at a wonderfully high level. The bells that close out this record beat out an unforgettable tattoo on your eardrums and the band seems to have crafted years of material just to help broadcast ideas like this. 3 is a poetic, and even transcendent listen, it leaves me begging for more and curious where they will go next.

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