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Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Midnight - Rebirth By Blasphemy

The bad boys have made good! Midnight play a distinct brand of blackened rock and roll. Their speed metal histrionics call to mind some of Venom's finest moments - or if you like more contemporary stuff - think Hellripper. Pulling from a deep well of metal history, Midnight are now getting ready to unleash their Metal Blade Records debut, Rebirth By Blasphemy. After years of developing a cult following putting out records on cult labels (Most notably Hell's Headbangers) Midnight have come forth to take their rightful place in the black metal pantheon.

There is something to be said for the sense of bloodthirst and teeth gnashing good times that define this latest offering from the band. With each record Midnight has always made sonic steps forward. Rebirth By Blasphemy is, in my opinion at least, the best produced and tightest executed work from these death ragers. The sheer swagger they bring to the table needs to be noted too - a track like 'The Sounds Of Hell' is a perfect chest pounding anthem to the power of the devil, something we don't see as much of in modern metal.

Simply put - Rebirth By Blasphemy is fucking fun. It's a record that rips and roars, it goes over the top and then goes for the throat. There is something wonderfully unapologetic about how Midnight seem to revel in the bloodthirsty magic of their music. This record is a blast from top to bottom, it's tormented, angry and a whole lot of fun. Midnight are bringing a sense of demonic rock and roll hedonism to extreme metal and I think the world is about to fall ever deeper in love with these metal maniacs.

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