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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Beat City Tubeworks - I Just Cannot Believe It's The Incredible

It's weird - despite the immense influence of KISS on music, popular culture and, if we're being honest, marketing, there are remarkably few bands who really wear the influence of KISS on their collective sleeve. Beat City Tubeworks seek to ameliorate this with their high powered new record, I Just Cannot Believe It's The Incredible which is three quarters of an hour of rock and roll mayhem. This is an album that is clearly deeply enamored with late 70s hard rock and the band delivers with aplomb.

There is a sense of fun on I Just Cannot Believe It's The Incredible that helps to make this such a rewarding listen. In a scene where this sense of raw energy is oftentimes frowned upon Beat City Tubeworks are writing songs about shaking your hips and rocking and rolling. The high powered playing that makes a song like album opener 'Gravy Days' so fun is perfectly indicative of what more is to come from Beat City Tubeworks. This isn't a band who beat around the bush. They know you want big choruses and a trip to Detroit Rock City - so they gleefully give it to you - after all they are just being hospitable!

With touches of garage rock meeting glam and punchy riffs guiding us through the night, Beat City Tubeworks are the sort of rock and roll band nerds like me lust after. There is a deep need in these dark times for lighthearted rock music to remind us why we fell in love with this music in the first place. I Just Cannot Believe It's The Incredible might not be bringing anything new to the table, but when you hear the pure KISS worship on 'The Tourist' are you really looking for anything beyond that?

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