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Saturday, December 7, 2019


"HAIL DEATH! COME DESTRUCTION" so ends the cryptic statement that accompanies the promo of NEDXXX the latest offering on the legendary NoEvDia label. This masterful offering touches on so much of what makes the bands on NoEvDia so great. It's a record that is frighteningly avant garde, wonderfully opaque and constantly hinting at darker realities. this is the sort of black metal record that is going ot make you claw at your brain as you attempt to make sense of a world gone absolutely mad.

There is a demented poetry to how NEDXXX lead the charge on this record. With tracks never given individual titles but instead just numbered each song is a unique journey of kaleidoscopic ideas. Yet within this kaleidoscope there is a distinct vision that ties the entire record together. It makes for compelling listening and is a frequent reminder of just how good the teeth gnashing intensity of NEDXXX can be. This is a weird record and certainly not one for newer fans, however if you want to be enamored with the pit, then there is nothing better for those of us who wish to stare into the void itself.

Apocalyptic and chaotic there are countless weird layers to what's going on with NEDXXX. This is a project that demands multiple listens and revels in its own internal madness. A record that seems to want to continually push to be weirder than many thought possible, NEDXX is one of the more demanding listens I've uncovered in 2019. That being said - it is absolutely worth it if you are looking for atypical soundscapes and a unique vision that seems destined to drag you all the way down to hell.

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