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Sunday, December 8, 2019

Lonescar - Lust For The End

There's something to be said for the magic of Texas thrash metal. Lonescar are the sort of band who distill the magic of their home state into something pure, vicious, and a hell of a lot of fun. Lust For The End is a masterful record that continually points to the sheer majesty of thrash metal. Full to the brim of thrash tropes but infused with the bands own penchant for all that is heavy, Lust For The End has emerged as a devilish and fascinating offering continually pointing towards bold new heights for the band.

So no - Lonescar do not reinvent the steel as it were on Lust For The End. However they do an excellent job of continually showing their deep understanding of thrash metal. The angular playing on a track like 'All Is Vanity' for instance evokes a certain Slayer-esque magic. The blasting drums that underscore this record give it a circle pit inspiring energy that ensures Lonescar remain manic in their assault. There's also something to be said for the quality of the guitar tone here. There is a certain meatiness that remains incredibly thorough throughout and speaks to the general excellence of Lonescar's execution.

Lust For The End is a masterful release. It's a record that belies a deep understanding of thrash and which ,across its 11 tracks will keep the listener thoroughly entertained. If you're looking for meat and potatoes thrash metal with a heavier edge then Lonescar are almost certainly the band for you. Their execution is virile and the bloodlust throughout their music is palpable. This is what thrash metal was meant to be about and Lonescar are a fitting addition to a burgeoning Texas underground community.

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