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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Obduktio - Ihmiskunnan Viholliset

The Finnish punk and grind scene is a fascinating one. For a country whose musical community can often seem very isolated they have put out a ton of great stuff. One of the most exciting upcoming entries to their national musical canon is Ihmiskunnan Viholliset from the grind merchants in Obdkutio. Their pummeling sound and willingness to tap into touches of psychedelia or even prog differentiate them from the pack. This is a band who are bringing a distinct vision to the table and nicely outline it every step of the way.

Ihmiskunnan Viholliset fascinates in the way that the band so seamlessly bring forth a nice array of ideas. While grindcore is certainly the underpinning of what's going on here, Obduktio are clearly capable of bringing a lot more to the table. Their sheer musicality is present, even in situations where there blatant disregard for Western harmony is most obvious. The band go for the throat across the eleven tracks presented here. While I will say I'm not necessarily blown away by any one element, the level of skill that the band is clearly bringing is certainly exciting. Who among us wouldn't be fascinated by the syncopated blasting of Ajan Pilkkominnen Palasiksi Ja Palasten Nimittamin?

There is a very real anger presented here. The wonderful 'Blech!' at the beginning of Irtop√§√§ ensures that we all hear that. Ihmiskunnan Viholliset ranges from the dancey to the punishing, the thoughtful to the hectic. there are a lot of interesting sonic twists and turns with what the band does here and it's a treat to get to sink your teeth into everything that the band brings to the table on this record. Obduktio clearly are cut out for greater things, Ihmiskunnan Viholliset is a frightening salvo though, let's see what it evolves into! 

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