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Friday, December 27, 2019

Asylence - Eulogy Of Man

Michigan metal has been doing all sorts of interesting things lately. Eulogy Of Man, the latest from death metallers Asylence is just the most recent addition to the canon. The bands melodic sound and willingness to bring in touches of prog, black metal and even tech death ensures that this five track EP remains an interesting one, full of sonic colors and frequently driving the band over the edge of what they might have previously thought possible. Eulogy Of Man is a collection of ragers and one that seems like it is only a harbinger of what's to come.

This record won my heart from the first with the angular playing on EP opener, 'Lucifix'. There is a sense of pure energy communicated in the wonderfully tight playing and the precise execution that serves to make the song such a special opener. The band has a clear and tight songwriting approach. While they occasionally bring in a few disparate elements (Touches of pig squeals help to color a few tracks) Asylence have a pretty clear sonic mission, one that will continually impress the listener and which serves to regularly remind us why they have become favorites in their local scene and continue to prosper.

The swirling riffage encapsulated in Eulogy Of Man is fun and addictive. While Asylence sometimes seem a little confused about their overall direction, the execution is generally strong. The band can still do with some polishing, and as with their EP title, some of the ideas are a bit generic. Nevertheless - Eulogy Of Man is an interesting salvo from these Michigan metallers and it seems to me at least that the band is in a position to start unleashing something even more exciting in the near future.

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