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Friday, December 13, 2019

Varices - Pitch Black Art

I think there is a sort of perpetual fascination in metal with youthul bands. After all - they are so oftne the ones who have the time and the energy to bring their music to the next level and take on the world. Finding the bands who are that magical mix of yougn AND talented is hard to do- and oftentimes they are missed until they are too old to go much further. SO when a band like Varices crosses my desk I definitely stand up and take note. These Swedes are onto something truly special here.

Pitch Black Art is, essentially, a melodic death metal record inspired by the Gothenburg sound but there are more than a few touches of groove metal and even moments of doom metal. In some ways the great limitation of this band is they realize just how good they are and it means that they are trying to do a little bit of everything. That being said, when they are on and delivering their brand of hard hitting mayhem as they do on the track Hollow Eyes with its massive chorus it's clear that Varices are onto something special. There is a LOT of raw talent confined in this band and it has me constantly curious for where they are going next.

There are a ton of interesting ideas being thrown all over this record. I think Varices need to make some decisions, how they are going to sape their sound going forward. Pitch Black Art isn't so much a statement of intent as much as iti s a really good resume that consistently proves that this band is different, talented and ready to take on the world. Now it's just a question of seeing if they have the discipline to continue and if they can figure out the specific ormula that they want to be executing on rather than this current hodgepodge.

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